Missing the point

missingpoint Lots of people don’t get Jesus. Most of them are church people. Don’t get me wrong, they’re nice in a Dolores Umbridge kind of way.

Folks who miss the point of Jesus can be spotted easily. They’re usually talking more about upholding the faith than wondering how to live it. They have a Bible verse for everything and see endless outreach possibilities provided that everyone fits in with how they like things. They  believe that everyone is lost and know how they should all be saved.

Paul points out that this view gets it all wrong (Romans 9.1-33). Grace and mercy are not owned by good people. Rather, God makes people good – whether they are terrible, plain, smart or just missing the point. Why not come along to Basement from 10am to discover more points that you’ve probably missed.








givingupHard times, hate, hunger, homelessness, bullying and backstabbing are a few things that make us want to give up on life. They they tear us up and wear us out. The disappointment they leave behind goes so deep it feels – bottomless.

The only thing that stretches further than the pain is the love of God in Christ. As Eugene Peterson put it, “God didn’t hesitate to put everything on the line for us, embracing our condition and exposing himself to the worst by sending his own Son” (Romans 8.32, MSG). Love is not a consolation prize for the weak. It’s a razor-sharp, unstoppable lifeline that cuts through everything to reach anyone. Even me.

So if you feel like giving up, come along to Basement @ 10am to discover God’s passion for you.

The spiritual life

breatheSpirituality can seem strange and out of place in our world today. We’re often unsure of its value or whether it makes any difference at all, especially when we’re chasing money, intimacy or power. We wonder how will doing religious things and going to old fashioned buildings help anyone?

Spirituality is vital for our wellbeing but it is not about being good or even doing religious things. It’s simply about breathing. Deep breathing. Or more to the point, letting God breathe into us (Romans 8.1-13). To discover how God can breathe into your life, why not join us at Basement this Sunday at 10am?





strugglewithinSaints, it might be said, are simply sinners who have stopped pretending. They know the heart’s pull but they also hear God’s call. They aren’t perfect and they don’t act like God’s policeman. Rather, they are acutely aware of how tricksy the heart can be and they long to know grace in themselves and the world around them.

Join us for coffee at Basement this Sunday 24 July at 10am to talk about the struggle we all share. The struggle of wanting more of God and yet living with more of the same. Come along to discover how grace can change not only the world, but someone like you.


Investment is a theme that features not so prominently in the current election campaign. It’s not just about tax breaks for the super-rich. It’s about where we put our priorities, our money and the return we expect from such hard work and commitment.

Paul highlights two common investment strategies (Romans 6.15 – 7.6). One invests everything in what we’ve already got thereby generating more privilege, violence and exclusion. The other strategy is investing in righteousness or the good things of God like equality, peace and inclusion. The first gives rise to things that decay while the second produces fruit that satisfy every human heart. The first taps into basic instincts for preservation and comfort while the second involves us yielding to God’s Spirit.

Find out more about how we can invest our time and energy differently at Basement this Sunday @ 10am.