God has made everything suitable for its time.

-Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

So often we start something or enter into something with no idea of how it is going to finish. In fact, we can trick ourselves into thinking that once something has started, it will go on forever. Nowhere is this more apparent than within a church community.

Five years ago Basement moved from the Braddon area to St Mark’s College in Barton with many ideas on what it could do to reach the students in the college and people who worked in the Parliamentary Triangle.  However what we thought was going to be a season of building and witness turned out to be a time of sewing, growing and Sabbath.  We transitioned from the community we were to the community we are now having farewelled the last of our founding members and welcoming many new people.

Like all seasons it has come to an end and it now time for us to move on to our next calling.  God gives everyone something to be busy with, and we must move from our rest into this work. So from the beginning of August, the Basement Community will be moving from our current home to what will hopefully become our home for the next season at the Church of Holy Covenant Jamison.

We are excited to be answering this call to change and cannot wait to see what pleasures in work God has installed for us in this new place.  In the short term, we are eager to get to know the people of this Parish and that they can come to know us. This next step will be a time of sewing a harvest and gathering stones together so that as one body we can bear witness to Christs transforming love in Belconnen.

So my Sisters and Brothers let us continue in our prayer and discernment, giving thanks for the season of rest and the hospitality of St Mark’s. In Christ’s love let us pray for Holy Covenant that we may work well with them. Then let us also pray in silence so that we can discern Gods calling for our community so that when the season is right, we can bear witness to his Love for all of creation.

God’s peace

Bsasement holiday 2017web

Christmas draws near. God’s light shines bright. We pray that the holiday season may be a time where you get to see God’s peace and justice at work as you rest and play.

To celebrate, Basement is having its Christmas feast this Sunday at the Brightons from 5pm.

Basement will then be taking a break over summer. Join us when we resume regular worship and conversation over coffee for the sake of God’s Kingdom on 4 February 2018.

Tough places

Mingy_Prayerbook1What happens when things get hard for you? What happens when running away isn’t an option? Military chaplains work with people who have seen and sometimes suffered the worst that can happen.

Join us this Sunday from 10am for a conversation with the Revd Andrew Knox about his life as an Air Force chaplain based as ADFA.

Life after marriage equality


As the reality of marriage equality dawns, many churches will be asking themselves, where to from here?

Many will be saddened by the evident loss of the Church’s moral authority. They will rail against secularism and holler about the need for religious freedom. They will bang on about the need to protect the conscience of butchers, bakers and candlestick makers, which is how religious purity likes to dress up these days.

But rather than mourn the death of the church as society’s self-appointed moral policeman Christians should be celebrating. Here’s why. Jesus’ public ministry began with a declaration (Luke 4.18-19) drawn from Isaiah (61.1-9). It is a picture of service, not dominance. It is about helping and healing, comforting and rebuilding. Fundmentally, it’s a picture undergirded by God’s character and not by their religious purity.

As Jesus’ followers, marriage equality doesn’t diminish our capacity to be good news people. Married gay men won’t stop Christians from binding up the heartbroken. Helping the excluded, neglected or forgotten find freedom won’t be undermined when lesbians walk down the aisle. Neither will sexual diversity or gender fluidity weaken our aptitude to proclaim God’s grace. Maybe its time to start the journey into discipleship once again – only with everybody this time. Join us this Sunday from 10am for coffee and a fresh look at how we can become God followers rather being self-satisfied God botherers.


weekendBasement is having a weekend away. We’re packing the cars and heading off to the wilds of Wee Jasper.

As the community will be away, Basement will not be meeting as usual but we will be back the following week.



Basement is meeting for brunch at the Brighton’s on Sunday 5 November.

This is due to an intensive being held at St Mark’s.

So why not bag your favourite bagels and pick up your pastries and come along from 10am.

Dining on God

dining sm What did you eat for breakfast today? Usually I start with the with Huffington Post or Slate with the ABC news on the side. The media we consume is like food. It can fire the imagination or dull the senses. No one should be surprised at the popularity of reality TV in a junk food nation. Despite all the warnings about heart disease, no one is bothered about foggy brain least of all those on talkback radio whose livelihood depends on widespread ignorance and confusion.

Ezekiel is given something else to eat – God’s word (Ezek 3) – and a puzzle emerges. To the prophet it takes like honey, sweet and moreish. But to his fellow Israelites living in Exile it contains cries of grief, wails and groans. The people are consumed by their own arrogance, violence and idolatry believing that God had abandoned them (Ezek 7). Why not come along to Basement this Sunday from 10am to explore this stark picture and discover how eating well enables us to live well in a changing world.

renewed, restored

renewed web It is easy to lose sight of what really matters in a world filled with conflict, wars and opinion surveys.  Abstract things like freedom, wealth and power are important to us but to God it is people.

In the midst of great tumult comes the story of a woman from Shunem whose promised son dies unexpectedly (2 Kings 4.8-36). It’s a story that is sadly all too familiar for far too many families today. But the prophet Elisha comes and heals the boy … on the Sabbath.

What are we to make of this story? Many Christians focus on the mother’s great faith. But this leaves far too many faithful people finding that their faith goes cold when their pleas and prayers remain unanswered. I wonder if the story actually connects better with the consistent theme for God that plays throughout the prophets – justice, mercy, humility.

Why not come along and find out more when Basement meets at 10am for coffee?




Father’s Day


It’s Father’s Day at Basement this Sunday. It’s an opportunity for us to think of our dads and to discover something of the Father’s heart for us.

So why not come along for a coffee and a chat from 10am.