Discovering God together

FamilyDayHow do children discover God? It’s not through the media, school or even friends.

It’s through their family. They learn about God’s character by watching their parents, siblings, friends and those with whom they share church. They pick up whether God is someone who is scary or kind, interested in them or aloof from their struggles and successes. By watching us, they work out whether God believes in them.

Once a month at Basement, we like to have a time when everyone gets to discover God together, whether they are 2, 20 or 80 years old. So why not come along to our family day this Sunday from 10am. No experience or children are required.

What then?

ENDWhat happens when you reach the end of the rope? A job finishes, a relationship breaks up, we get sick and suddenly life is no longer predictable or secure. What then?

Hagar and her son found herself in such a situation (Gen 21.8-21). Kicked out from home in a strange land with nothing, she did what we all do.

What happened next changed everything. God spoke to Hagar when everything seemed hopeless. The words were a promise to someone who was anything but special. These words pointed her towards the future. They gave her hope and the means to live another day were found.

God still speaks words of hope today. Why not come along to Basement from 10am and hear how.

Blessed to be a blessing

blessingsAmericans and Australians are confident, noisy and brash. They both have a reputation for plain speaking… except when it comes giving a compliment. If an American likes what you’ve done they will swamp you with adjectives. If you get anything more than a ‘not bad’ from an Aussie, you’re doing well.

Abraham received a compliment from God (Gen 12.1-3). In fact, it was a blessing and when God spoke, he didn’t hold back. This is because God understands that our spirits need some rouge from time to time. The blessing God gave was outrageous. Some might call it ‘yuuuge.’ For all his faults, Abraham leant into the blessing and the rest is history.

I wonder if Aussies give so few blessing to others because they struggle to hear blessings from others, especially God. Why not come along to Basement to hear the good things God has for you this Sunday from 10am.

Changing the world

worldIt’s easy to look at the world and despair at global warming,¬† poverty and presidential buffoonery. Adults can struggle to see hope, while kids can wonder about their future.

God speaks to these problems through the prophets. Jesus gave us a prayer with the power to change the world (Matt 6.9-13). Although we teach it to our kids, we’re often blind to its prophetic power.

Why not come along to Basement this Sunday from 10am to discover how God yearns to change the world around and through us all, kids and big kids alike.

Becoming human

humanThe falling man is one the most iconic images from the golden age of television. It captures the life of Don Draper who rises through the world of advertising while falling through a series of relationships, each one more destructive than the next. The image is iconic because of how it symbolises the pervasive lack of self-awareness that permeates our culture.

The story of acting one way and expecting something else isn’t new. It’s a story we see in Genesis 3. Like most Bible stories, it’s easy to focus on the all wrong things, make excuses and blame everyone else. But the story really isn’t about us. It’s about God and how he helps us to become human, even when the worst has happened. God doesn’t help us to evade the consequences of our actions. Rather, his grace is found in the midst of the storm. So come along to Basement this Sunday from 10am as we hear what God says to us about becoming a people of grace.

Basement returns!

What does the church need most today?
Many will suggest that better music, more relevant sermons or a deeper sense of commitment to obedience and spirituality are needed to make the church great once more.

I’m not so sure that doing things better, bigger or trying harder will work.

I’d like to suggest that creativity and imagination are features that are sadly absent but sorely needed today. These features need to be important to us ¬†because they are central to God’s character, purpose and mission in the world.

Why not join us for coffee and conversation about how creativity and imagination can change us, the church and the world?

Basement is back this Sunday 5 February 2017 from 10am.