dreamsvisions2 We joke that the difference between optomists, pessimists and realists lies in half a glass of water. But as I listen to Christians, I’m shocked at the darkness of their vision as they seek to defend God and protect themselves.

How does a focus on human rights stop us from sitting with the poor in spirit or those who mourn? How might the erosion of religious freedom makes us less meek or hungry for fairness? How do changes to speech laws stop Christians from engaging in peacemaking? And when people lie about who we are, why do so many Christians display fear and anger rather than love and humour?

I’m convinced that we need new dreams and fresh visions more than ever before (Joel 2.28-29). But let’s not just not dream of church with more power and influence. How about we ask the Spirit for dreams where Christians get to be good news to everyone on the outer? How about a vision for being fresh air to those shackled to their past or folks who can move ahead when others can’t find the way out? Can we be people who plant sapplings rather than threaten others with the end of the world? If you want to see what the Spirit might plant within you, why not drop into Basement this Sunday at 10am?


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