Dining on God

dining sm What did you eat for breakfast today? Usually I start with the with Huffington Post or Slate with the ABC news on the side. The media we consume is like food. It can fire the imagination or dull the senses. No one should be surprised at the popularity of reality TV in a junk food nation. Despite all the warnings about heart disease, no one is bothered about foggy brain least of all those on talkback radio whose livelihood depends on widespread ignorance and confusion.

Ezekiel is given something else to eat – God’s word (Ezek 3) – and a puzzle emerges. To the prophet it takes like honey, sweet and moreish. But to his fellow Israelites living in Exile it contains cries of grief, wails and groans. The people are consumed by their own arrogance, violence and idolatry believing that God had abandoned them (Ezek 7). Why not come along to Basement this Sunday from 10am to explore this stark picture and discover how eating well enables us to live well in a changing world.

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