Life after marriage equality


As the reality of marriage equality dawns, many churches will be asking themselves, where to from here?

Many will be saddened by the evident loss of the Church’s moral authority. They will rail against secularism and holler about the need for religious freedom. They will bang on about the need to protect the conscience of butchers, bakers and candlestick makers, which is how religious purity likes to dress up these days.

But rather than mourn the death of the church as society’s self-appointed moral policeman Christians should be celebrating. Here’s why. Jesus’ public ministry began with a declaration (Luke 4.18-19) drawn from Isaiah (61.1-9). It is a picture of service, not dominance. It is about helping and healing, comforting and rebuilding. Fundmentally, it’s a picture undergirded by God’s character and not by their religious purity.

As Jesus’ followers, marriage equality doesn’t diminish our capacity to be good news people. Married gay men won’t stop Christians from binding up the heartbroken. Helping the excluded, neglected or forgotten find freedom won’t be undermined when lesbians walk down the aisle. Neither will sexual diversity or gender fluidity weaken our aptitude to proclaim God’s grace. Maybe its time to start the journey into discipleship once again – only with everybody this time. Join us this Sunday from 10am for coffee and a fresh look at how we can become God followers rather being self-satisfied God botherers.

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