Basement is a church that meets in the heart of Canberra that believes the values of Jesus need to be lived out on a scale where distance is measured by how far you can walk and where relationships move at the speed of drinking hot coffee.

We’re a community that embodies generous orthodoxy. We believe that Christians need to know God more deeply and listen more carefully to a changing world. We need to be both faithful and curious, engaged and enquiring.

We’re an initiative of the Anglican Church but don’t expect much liturgy. Our worship is relaxed and characterised by conversation and discussion.


4 thoughts on “About

    • wbrighton2008 says:

      Hi Ted, thanks for your note and I’m sorry not to have got to it earlier. Yes, we are inspired by some Anabaptists, especially their call for Christians to be an alternative community. I do seek to have a community led approach to church decision making as much as possible and did do a lot of study at an Anabaptist place called Regent. In that way, we’re a pretty strange beast!


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