Basement is a faith community that seeks to live out the reality of God’s character expressed in Psalm 9.9-10. As a faith community and part of the Anglican church, we believe that:

God is with us through our whole life, regardless of what is happening or how we feel;

God is our safe-house, for while people will let us down, God never fails;

God asks us to be open and hospitable to everyone.

Consequently, we value:

  • God’s Kingdom inaugurated through Jesus Christ and explained through Scripture which is changing us and our world;
  • worship because it gives us the eyes to see the world as God made it to be;
  • prayer because its how we connect with God’s dynamic presence;
  • hospitality because that’s what’s God like, an open party and everyone’s invited;
  • justice and generosity because God shakes up our lifestyles;
  • participation because we’re called to be citizens of his kingdom, not couch potatoes;
  • inclusion because that’s how God views everyone;
  • rest because God made the Sabbath for us to recover our energy to work for the sake of his Kingdom.

We a community in the evangelical tradition yet egalitarian by practice and inclusive by conviction. We seek to be a blessing to the world because God’s vineyard includes everyone irrespective of age, race, gender, ability or sexuality.

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